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Extend the Range of Your Paging System with this 175 cm Antenna

Further range for equipment with this extended range antenna suitable for most business applications

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Extend the Coverage of your Paging System in your Business

The LRS paging equipment (especially the high power units) can go for up to two miles in open air. But sometimes there are limitations on the range associated with the surroundings. Every product suffers from limitations imposed by OFCOM here in the UK also. Extended range antenna's can make the signal go much further by mounting this antenna outside.

Certain systems require extra signal strength. In most cases, the 175cm (7 foot) extended range antenna can solve those issues. Bear in mind that range can vary greatly from location to location.


  • Increases range at low cost
  • Reduces out of range reports
  • Increases Serviceability within your Business



  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
  • Slim design allows unobtrusive installation
  • Slim profile allows antenna to be mounted virtually anywhere
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Works with all transmitters that have an external antenna



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T74 USB Transmitter    > T7470-USB
T74 Repeater    > T7470 Repeater Booster
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