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Free On-Cue iPad Wait List Application for iPad for Restaurants

Find out all about this free wait list app that increases table turns and increases profitability in restaurants

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Wait List App for iPad Turns Tables Faster for Restaurants

LRS has developed a FREE application for managing wait lists for restaurants. This iPad application allows you to turn your tables quickly, making your restaurant more profitable. Increase customer service and satisfaction. The ONLY system that can page a mobile phone as well as our regular Coaster Call customer or guest pagers. iQueue displays how many parties of each size are waiting.

With the touch of the appropriate party size, the wait list is sorted by that number making it quick and easy to find the perfect fit for every open table.

Just another way iQueue makes it easier for you to seat waiting guests.

A unique Apple iPad application where you have complete flexibility to either SMS TEXT a mobile phone or page an LRS pager. Designed to work with the worlds best paging systems... Long Range Systems of course. And best of all its completely free. 

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  • More table turns
  • Seat guests faster
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce host stand congestion
  • Eliminate noisy, inefficient overhead name shouting
  • Accurately quoted wait times


  • Pages mobile phones AND Pagers (Patented)
  • Wait time predominately displayed
  • Sort by party size
  • Quick search
  • Add parties quickly
  • Color-Coded Wait List & Notified List
  • Drag & Drop to Page, Call or Remove from Wait List
  • Quick Touch Manager Paging
  • Multiple devices can share the same wait list
  • Display table status, which is updated remotely with a wireless handheld
  •  Show loyalty club and VIP members
  • Table Management: Table statuses can be displayed and managed directly from the home screen. Tables can be marked as Open, Bus, Hold or Seated. This setting can be enabled or disabled based on user preference.
  • Instant Messaging: In-application device to device messaging is now available. This can be enabled or disabled based on user preference.
  • iOS 6 compatibility













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