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OptiCall™ The Solution For Handover Paging Within Opticians From LRS UK

Custom designed solution for busy opticians for critical customer handover

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OptiCall™ Increase Profitability for Opticians

OptiCall was developed for the busy opticians practice. One of the hardest tasks within an opticians that will severely affect profitability is the handover of the customer from the optician to the floor staff.

If this task is not carried out efficiently and professionally then there is no doubt that profitability will be impacted in a negative way.

How do we know? Simple, we already supply more opticians in the UK with our handover paging system than any other solution and we KNOW what top companies tell us.

In fact, by utilising the handover system you could feasibly expect to close three to five percent more business and increase typical sales by up to 10% against what they otherwise might be.

The OptiCall is available as a one or six button unit which can be fully programmed for exact messages to staff. Individuals, groups or everyone can be paged from this unit.

The unit can beep when a button is pressed if you need the user to be aware that the button has been pressed. While this device is lower power than our Butler XP its also lower cost too. There's a repeat page facility and this can be set up so that when the repeat page is cancelled a message is sent out to pagers confirming that.

While the OptiCall works on one AAA battery, there is an optional power supply available.

Staff members can contact each other easily when they need assistance or customers may request assistance with the push of a button - its that simple..

The solution can be set up in any one of a number of ways to suit the individual opticians. A 'manager led', a 'buddy system' or 'whole team'. These installation methods ensure that your organisation will be gaining efficiency and increased profitability in no time.

While the OptiCall works on one AAA battery, there is an optional power supply available.

Staff members can contact each other when they need assistance or customers may request assistance with the push of a button.

Video coming soon.

  • Small Footprint saves working area room
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase profitability


  • One or six button device
  • Battery or mains
  • Elegant design suitable for most opticians
  • Range extender available
  • Wall mountable if needed
  • Repage feature sends messages until cleared down
  • UK Legal
  • Scalable, add as many units as you need

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Example of How Our Systems Can Be Programmed for Use

Manager Led System:

This unit transmits a message to the manager pager for review. The manager then can choose which OA responds to the test room call.

ADVANTAGE: The Manager is in complete control about which sales person goes to which test room.

DISADVANTAGE: Increased manager load in busy times can be a problem.

The manager lead system comprises of Transmitters for each test room and a single pager for the Manager (we recommend one spare in case the manager somehow loses it)

Buddy System:

The PFS button used in the test room will send a custom message to an exact dispenser or number of dispensers (a group) who handle the service to the exact room.

ADVANTAGE: The Buddy system can build a 'team' rapport between staff and brings an element of competition to the opticians company.

DISADVANTAGE: It can be difficult to ensure sufficient cover for the whole day.

The Buddy solution comprises of Transmitters for each test room and one to three pagers for each test room depending on the staff being utilised on the specific site.

Whole Team System:

This transmitter can page every pager on site, the next available OA responds to the test room call to meet the customer smoothly and efficiently to increase service levels.

More staff available at any given time, but staff do need to be aware of how the system works.

DISADVANTAGE: Care needs to be taken at lunch time and busy periods. Staff need to be aware what the expectations of them are. This is the preferred LRS System.

The hole team solution comprises of Transmitters for each test room. 8 - 16 pagers (one for each staff member)
but quantity of pagers depends on the number of staff on site.

Buddy & Manager Led System:

If you have less than 6 test rooms then we can create a solution called a buddy system and a manager pager - the manager will be paged from all rooms and can manage any issues easily - This is a back up for the buddy because if the buddy is busy with a client then the solution has a built in second channel. This option works very well when the re-paging facility is activated on the system.


Butler II (five button)
The low-cost, short-range paging solution suitable for most opticians. This slim, five-button unit can be attached to most surfaces easily. Each of the five buttons buttons can be programmed to silently page a staff member or manager wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager on-site.

You could also use the OptiCall unit that has been developed for Opticians handover specifically which has 6 buttons and can be battery or mains driven.

> Butler XP Push Button Paging
> Butler II with Dry Contacts
> OptiCall 6 Push Button
> 4 Line Alphanumeric Pager
> 4 Line Alpha Wrist Band for Pager
> 1 Line Alphanumeric Rechargeable Pager

This is the leader of optician solutions and corporate companies in the UK, contact us for further information. Our systems can operate in such a way that no other paging system available can do. With a return on investment typically of less than ten days these systems are extremely commercially viable. These systems are used in literally thousands of opticians - why don't you try one now - on a 14 day trial. Take it from us - you will not be disappointed.

Note that all of our systems come with a 10 year warranty*


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