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Restaurant Kitchen to Waiter Solutions offers Increased Efficiency and Profitability

Kitchen to waiter paging solution with management escalation reduces problems in restaurants in the UK

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Kitchen to Waiter Paging Solution Increases Customer Quality of Service

Busy restaurants - we have all been in to them. There are good ones and bad ones. A careful analysis of the customers 'perception' of a bad restaurant will generally revolve around the quality of service that they have received while visiting the restaurant.

And often those very issues that deem a restaurant as being 'bad' are mainly solvable with the correct solutions. For example, if you visit a restaurant and your food is delivered cold then it's likely that the server simply did not deliver it to you efficiently since it was completed by the chef in the kitchen. But that one bad experience may actually be being repeated for a high percentage of customers.

Of course if the food quality is low then the service offered could be just another issue that the restaurant has to solve.

But good service has other relative plus features such as faster table turns, increased efficiency and of course higher profitability.

If you have staff that are typically waiting at a serving hatch for food so they can deliver it to customers then you are losing profits. waiters should be out on the floor serving customers and selling those add on's that good restaurants always seem to offer. waiters make everything better simply by handling customer service as and when they need it and ASK for the extras sale that so often on poor QOS restaurants never do.

Please note that the T9100 series of transmitters is now a discontinued item.

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