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Restaurant Transmitters for Paging Systems from LRS UK

Transmitters for restaurants that can stand the heat in the kitchen.

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Transmitters Available from LRS UK 



High Output Transmitter: T7470 FREEDOM PAGING WITH SMS

The Freedom T7470 transmitter can be used for guests, staff, dry contact push buttons (2) and even SMS paging right to a mobile phone. Its a premiere device that is stand alone and perfect for the FOH situation. It needs internet connection for SMS. There is also a 'Promo button' that allows you to store email addresses in real time for download from the internet through your browser later.

Works with Guest Sessions



Restaurant Kitchen to waiter Transmitter: T9560EZ ONE TOUCH

Medium power transmitter one touch for 20 pagers but can page 999. this is simply our biggest selling transmitter and us used throughout the UK in small and large establishments to enhance their customer service and profitability.



Restaurant Guest or Staff Transmitter: T9560MT

Also medium power like our T9560EZ above, this unit can page either staff or guests (but not at the same time) and can be battery driven or mains powered. A massively selling unit in the UK.


T74C232 Transmitter

Transmitter: T7470-232 SERIAL NETWORK OR PC

The T7470-232 serial transmitter is used for our PC paging solutions or integration in to your POS solution.


T74 Repeater

Transmitter: T7470 REPEATER

The T7470 range extending repeater can extend your paging system range exponentially. We have used these typically as three to 1/2 square mile.



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