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Paging Systems for Most Industry Sectors

Since 1993 LRS has been making innovative cutting edge paging systems for industry. LRS invented the Coaster Call and was the first in the Industry to supply customer and guest paging. The patents we hold reflect many unique features of our products not available on any competitive systems from others, including any way stacking, coaster designs and mobile phone paging. The mobile solution offers a way to page guests with a pre recorded voice message right to their mobile phone. This type of solution can only add to efficiency but with reduced costs to the paging system operator.

Our biggest success is with our guest (or customer) paging system that can page guests who have been waiting for a service, or other notification and the great news is that we have a brand new digital CS7 multicolour or red, green or blue pager for guests or customers.

But the best features of our solutions is that efficiency increases in the business, there's greater customer satisfaction with the service and last but not least is the business bottom line profits increase.

Our Business staff communications are legendary. The PC paging solution Netpage Unlimited (NU) and our room to room push for service (also known as a pushbutton system) offer immediate results. NU allows staff to SMS text from any PC directly to an alpha pager or via SNS text to their mobile phone if the staff member is off site. Our Butler II allows room to room communications as simply as pressing a single button.

Paging System Components

Our paging systems consist of a number of major components:

  • A transmitter
  • Some pagers
  • The charger and (if necessary) power supply

Our Paging Systems comprise of five basic pager styles, some of which are rechargeable and some which are simply battery driven.

For more information see below:

Uses within Industry are endless for these types of systems - some of which include:


As you see we supply many sectors of business as well as some that are not actually listed here so please do contact us




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A standard 3 year warranty with options to extend for up to ten years.
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