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Pager Charger 5 for Rechargeable Alpha Pager and T901 Handheld Unit from LRS UK

Pager charger 5

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Linkable Pager Charger 5 for Rechargeable Alpha Pager from LRS UK

Our CHARGER 5 is the charging base for all SP5 alpha rechargeable pagers and the T901 handheld transceivers. This charger can be configured to hold from 5 to 25 pagers or handhelds.

Charging is achieved through nickel-plated charging plates located inside the charger unit.

Each charging unit has two jacks for linking multiple chargers together using a 2.54cm jumper wire included.

Because the charger 5 stations are linked, they only require one power outlet minimize space requirements for up to 25 pagers.



  • Can Link for up to 25 pagers to be charged
  • Snap together for added strength
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Eliminate overhead paging


  • Perspex base for fixing option
  • link wires to connect units together
  • maximum of 25 pagers per power supply.

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