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Pager Retention - How to Increases Profitability

Pager Retention - How to  Reduces Operating Costs to Business

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Reduce Those Hidden Operating Costs for Business Paging Solutions

Its a fact that if you operate a paging system then it is likely that some of the customer, guest or staff pagers can leave the premises and either never be returned or suffer the 'washing machine blues' syndrome never to work again.

Thankfully LRS has a anti theft system that reduces this aspect of communications to a minimum. But there are still circumstances where equipment leaves the premises never to be returned or even damaged beyond reconstitution. This has an effect of costing the business money right from the bottom line, and often simply not budgeted for.

The Bulldog is now discontinued but if you have one we offer support for up to seven years, please check our maintenance from the menu on the left.

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