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Anti Microbial Waterproof Pager for Guests and Patient Flow Management in Hospitals

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Manage Customers, Guests & Patients for High Efficiency and Increased Service

The Aqua unit first and foremost is manufactured with antimicrobial plastics. In fact this is the first device that completely controls the spread of microbes within the industry. And if a waterproof unit is required then the Aqua pager is exactly what you are looking for.

The Aqua works just like our Coaster Call and its simple to call back customers guests or patients with just the press of a button. Managing the flow of people will enhance the overall experience that patients have. In the case of restaurants your guests will see no queue because its now invisible, which reduces walk aways dramatically and increases table turns and bottom line profits.

For conscientious business with ethics the Aqua pagers will not accommodate microbes and there are no nooks or crannies for microbes to hide.


The Aqua pager is now discontinued.



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