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T7502 Total Control Table Management Solution for Increased Efficiency and Flow Control

Wait list management and paging for staff and customers make this solution perfect for the busy restaurant

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Restaurant Table Management Solution with Paging and SMS Messaging

This product is now discontinued'

With the T7502 Total Control Solution its east to know exactly which tables are open, are being buzzed or are being used with the total control solutions.

And there is a handheld transmitter that can integrate in to the system so you can actually check tables in real time and update the current state of that table. The T901 handheld can also book in customers or guests and enter them on the wait list in real time.

When managing reservations and call aheads its easy to manage, create, edit and view reservations at will on the Freedom Elite T7502 as well as online for up to a whole year ahead.

There's inclusion of integrated SMS messaging to mobile phones when you have an internet connection. But this solution offers more than just a regular SMS message if you need more for your restaurant. There's an integrated option for voice which asks the customer if they are:

  • Returning to the restaurant
  • Cancel the table
  • Extend the return time by 10 minutes

Depending on the response the system is updated accordingly.


Total Control with the T7502 has the simplest premises and table layout designs from any company. You can design your restaurant layout right in the unit in no time at all.

And with our pricing structure reflective of buying from the manufacturer direct there's no reason not to buy a total control solution.


This is a stand alone transmitter solution that includes table management, wait list entry, guest paging, reservation management and mobile phone paging (an LRS patent) all in one simple box.

This Table Management solution can page every single type of pager we make and to do that it has maximum UK power output for this type of equipment.


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