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T901 Wireless Handheld for Total Control Input on the T7500 Series Table Management Solution

Wireless handheld device for total control input and table management

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T901 Wireless Handheld Handset

This product is discontinued.

A wireless handheld unit that is actually a transceiver capable of integration with our Table Control T7500 Series of solutions.

The unit can enable staff to roam around the restaurant to update a hostess with a table status of: OPEN, BUS, AND CLOSED. It can also transfer guests from one table to another.

For customer management and flow control the T901 may also be used to add guests' names to the wait list from various locations in the restaurant.

The T901 has a backlit display for darker areas of your restaurant or concept. There's no PDA to get stolen like some systems and the T901 is useless other than when working on this system.


The T901 typically is used with our Freedom Elite Total Control table management solution and as an added benefit you can actually use a number of these devices with the total control system.



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