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T7470-232 Serial Port Transmitter for EPOS and PC Paging Systems from  LRS Pagers in the UK

T74C232 serial transmitter for paging on epos systems, PC pager solutions and other uses

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Serial Transmitter for use with PC Paging Systems and Epos Solutions

This serial port driven transmitter can be used in numerous PC solutions where you might want to integrate paging as a site solution for communications.

The T7470-232 is 2 watts output so is regarded as high power here in the UK that requires a license from OFCOM. The license is just £75 for a five year period for the whole site.

If you sell EPOS solutions this transmitter will integrate right in to your EPOS solution, but if you need USB then check our T7470-USB transmitter. Its the same but uses a USB port for communications to the transmitter.

We can supply all of the API and XML coding programmers need to develop a solution for your industry or manufacturing site. The unit simply uses ASCII codes to send a pager a message.

The unit is fully compliant and works with all of the LRS pagers we manufacture.

This unit can work with all of our pagers and has a high output power. You can have multiple to get coverage. The LRS signal boost repeater simply works out of the box.


The unit operates on 459.100Mhz UHF ensuring uninterrupted and strong  communications.


  • Create your own application to operate with any LRS pager
  • Designed to interface with any computer and an on-premise paging system


  • UHF frequency 459.100Mhz in the UK
  • Synthesized frequency and modulation
  • Requires 1 DB-9 serial port
  • Complete software control
  • 3 LED status indicators
  • Supports over 1000 pagers
  • Operates on 240v in the United kingdom
  • Supports up to 76 pre-stored messages
  • All commands are sent via ASCII text
  • Overall size: 10.16cm x 20.32cm x 2.54cm


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