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Spa and Salon Pager Solutions Increase Quality of Service and Customer or Staff Communications

Contact customers no matter where they are and use room to room paging solutions for staff communications to increase quality of service

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QOS Improvements Staff Communications

Things have got tougher out there since the collapse of the financial markets in 2008. Customers are now demanding top quality service for a low price, and they can be very picky. Some customers that don't get the service simply walk to your competitors. It's all about service and quality.

If you want to become highly efficient then you need the tools that can help. LRS UK has those tools to make your company be better.

The objective is simple, reduce overheads, increase sales and bottom line profits and achieve that with a cost effective solution.

With LRS products, you will spend less time running around and more time in front of customers where service is king.

The results will be unbelievable.

Really, you should try our solutions on a free trial bass.


 Room to Room Push Buttons

Staff Paging Systems

Customer Paging Solutions

The Butler II lets you notify staff from each treatment room. Each unit can send five different messages to 5 different staff members (or more). Useful for telling a staff member you need assistance or just notifying the front desk, Butler II makes communication simple.


Butler II

Has up to five messages on buttons - can be custom messages. Programmable and can work from the mains with the optional mains kit.


Notify staff or customers from any computer with an SMS text message or with any LRS pager.

NetPage Unlimited puts the power of both texting and onsite paging in a browser-based tool.

With Netpage you can contact staff with LRS staff pagers or with an SMS text to their mobile phone or an email. Netpage Unlimited is web-based and works from any networked PC or Mac.

Customers-Pager: Retain more walk-in customers by allowing them to be notified by a pager.

Give customers freedom while they wait. Customers are not confined to the lobby waiting area - they can now easily be reached with our Coaster Call pager or  Adverteaser and even their mobile phone with an SMS message.
Check these types of  pagers:

* Coaster Call Pagers
* Guest sessions
* Paddle Pagers
* Mobile Phone Paging
* Netpage Unlimited


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