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Waiter Service Pager SP4 from LRS UK

Robust waiter and service pager with custom messaging in the form of leds on the pager unique to LRS

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Waiter Pager for Kitchen To Waiter Paging System

The SP4 which is also known as a service or waiter pager is our most robust pager we make. It has been designed to be used in really tough areas of work and can take much abuse.

This unit can be programmed wirelessly very simply so its a simple matter to change pager numbers if you ever need to, but unlike other systems that have complex hardware that can fail the SP4 from LRS nothing more than a transmitter.

This unit has a simply removable clip which is easily replaced if necessary, but in reality virtually never fails. Batteries are our tried and trusted NiMh technology which here in the UK we cover on warranty for five years against manufacturing defect.

And because its a pager being used all the time (possibly where food is concerned) there are no screws, nooks or crannies where microbes could hide. Simple to protect, but we are rolling out anti microbial plastics as necessary.

The unit can vibe beep and vibrate and you can turn on or off those features easily.


In addition to its vibration alert, the LRS service pager has 4 messaging LED lights (other brands just vibrate) that will enhance overall communication.

The best warranty of any service pager worldwide with LRS UK.



  • Battery life: up to 72 hours on a single charge
  • No exposed screws - prevents tampering
  • Easily protected from transmitting germs


  • Reprogrammable feature allows you to program its pager number on site.
  • 4 messaging LED’s
  • UHF frequency 459.100Mhz
  • Shock-resistant casing
  • "Super Strong" Vibration
  • Longest possible range
  • Vibration, beep, or vibe/beep alert modes
  • Cradle holder prevents broken pager clips
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries (no battery memory)
  • Small size
  • Leather case available optionally
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