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Schools and University Paging Solutions for Faculty, Staff and Students

Secure communications for schools and universities with paging systems from LRS UK

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Cost Effective Paging Solutions for Schools And Universities

The LRS Schools and University paging solutions are used throughout the world and are trusted for their reliability and security features. Our solutions are founded on simple paging systems right through to enhanced systems that include full networking, internet and sms mobile phone paging. Our systems are purchased outright (unless you want leasing options) and there are no monthly fees or other on going costs applicable. If you want staff to staff communications or staff to student communications then LRS UK has all of the solutions you are looking for.

 Academic organizations have taken advantage of the greater security that paging systems provide as well as the convenience of using pagers where students usually wait for any service.


These systems are robust and tried and tested all over the world including the UK and the cost factor alone compared to other solutions suggests that these products will save you money compared to competitive products.

Our warranty is up to 10* years.

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Staff Faculty and Student Paging Solutions

Student Paging Solutions


Keep staff in communication wherever they are on or off premise. Instant communication
to staff with our PC Solutions

We also offer a stand alone unit the 'Freedom' which can page and send an SMS message to a mobile phone.
Student Paging. A pager that is given to students and reduces long queues but allows service to many. Good for registration time, financial aid, guidance counseling, libraries and Student union bars on campus.

ccallSolutions Available:

* Coaster Call
* Guest Sessions
* Paddle Pagers
* Mobile Phone SMS
* PC Solutions


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We have the Best warranties in the World for our Customers.
A standard 3 year warranty with options to extend for up to ten years.
And Don't Forget our FREE Trial - Ask Sales For Full Details.

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