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SafeTouch™ Pager for Guests & Customer Flow Management

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Manage Customers & Guests for High Efficiency and Increased Service with the SafeTouch Pager

Send fast and safe notifications to your guests.

   Please note that the SafeTouch pager is now discontinued.


SafeTouch pager allows you to immediately notify your customers or guests. The antimicrobial Wireless pager helps you to streamline operations, optimizing your guests or customers experience in your restaurant and prevents the spread of germs.

Any environment is suited to SafeTouch such as Health-care, Casinos, Churches, restaurant and many more business styles.

You can use SafeTouch to simply:

  • Decrease the time to notify guests
  • Increase the response rates
  • Overhead paging is eliminated
  • Increase your marketing potential
  • Minimize the risk of spreading germs

More About SafeTouch

The simplest and most effective way to contact guests who are waiting. Enhance the customer experience dramatically while at the same time send instant messages to enhance the waiting process beyond all other solutions. The SafeTouch is completely ANTIMICROBIAL to ISO22196:2007 standards so even while handling the SafeTouch is protecting guests by killing germs on contact.

This fantastic device has space for customised labeling so you can promote anything you might want to, from special deals, highlighted menu items and more.

SafeTouch can be used in many different environments including:

  • Fast Casual eatery where customers wait for tables or other services
  • Any restaurant where customers wait
  • Casino environments which allows guests to gamble while waiting for a table
  • Doctors offices or Hospital environment where there are waiting patients.

Using the SafeTouch pager with other industry-matched guest services and data collection and management systems and solutions will enhance overall effectiveness; examples include Check Point Survey systems, Netpage Unlimited, press for service solutions and other industry focused products from LRS.



SafeTouch on Charge showing the T7460 Transmitter



  • Notify guests quickly
  • Eliminate the spread of germs
  • Increase awareness of products or services with fully customisable inserts
  • Reduce wait times to a minimum
  • Communicate wirelessly instantly and silently
  • Never use overhead paging again - increased ambience
  • Offer better service to more guests and increase efficiency
  • Extend staff productivity and increase service quality to guests


  • Bacteria free surface
  • Customizable panel for advertisings
  •  Able to reprogram pagers easily on site
  • Ultra High Frequency
  • Can be recharged easily
  • A 'Heartbeat' light to confirm that the pager is fully functional
  • Tamper proof construction
  • Alert modes are available such as Vibration, Flash, Flash-beep, or Beep
  • 2 days of battery life from charged fully charged pager
  • Built-in anti-theft mode
  • Dimensions: 1.75″ x .625″ x 6.75″

As well as the transmitters shown on the right the SafeTouch is capable of being used with our Netpage Unlimited.

Netpage Unlimited is a PC paging solution that has a enhanced (or simple) wait list facility that tracks guests or customers who are waiting, have been paged or have returned.

The system can work across multiple screens in a network environment or as a stand alone on a single PC.

Netpage Unlimited information is available HERE
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guest-transmitter   > T9560MT Guest TX
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