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Create Effective Support for Members and Watch Memberships Grow

Looking after customer service and support is critical in health clubs. Getting staff being active with members is a high priority and differentiates one health club from another. Whether it's the trainers, dieticians, or other specialists getting effective communications to members can be extremely hard to achieve. 

With LRS staff systems, you can keep your staff organized, efficient and reduce most of the overhead requirements.

Also we have a great solution to find parents if they have a child in the nursery.



Push for Service

Staff Solutions

Nursery Child Care Solutions

butler ii    Butler II

Allow customers to call personal trainers immediately when they are needed. Many other uses in the busy Gym.
Keep staff in communication wherever they are on or off premise. Instant communication
to staff with our PC Solutions
 Complete family paging lets staff notify parents should assistance with the children be needed.
ccallSolutions Available:

* Coaster Call
* Guest Sessions
* Paddle Pagers
* Mobile Phone SMS
* PC Solutions

Two Way Radios

We sell and support ALL major brands of radios.

radios Two Way Radios

Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among many other brands are commonly supplied by us in the UK. Whether licensed or license free we can help. We also supply digital radios.


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