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Emergency Paging Call Systems

At Long Range Systems, we realise how essential it is for organisations in various industries to have an efficient means of communication – whether between waiters and guests in a restaurant, or nurses and patients in a hospital or care facility.

Having a robust and seamless method of communication is especially imperative in high-risk environments, where emergencies could occur quite often and need to be dealt with in as timely and effectively a manner as possible.

We offer a wide range of emergency call systems suitable for environments frequently encountering emergency situations. Our entire selection of pagers has been designed and manufactured with convenience and longevity in mind, so you can rest assured that our products will provide you with an incredibly efficient and dependable means of communication – whatever your industry.

As part of our continued efforts to offer first-rate customer service, LRS provides a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all products we retail. We even offer a convenient 14-day trial, should you wish to test out our products yourself to be assured of their suitability before committing to a purchase.

With high-quality products, competitive prices and a customer-focussed service, LRS should be your first port of call for efficient emergency paging systems.


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PC Paging Solutions

SMS Text Paging on or Off Site

A great solution for health and safety and first aid call points. These units can be programmed to page individuals, groups or everyone.

The Butler XP is one of our most robust health and safety and first aid help points. It can repeat page and send out a 'call answered' when repeat is cancelled.
If you already have a computer infrastructure, it makes sense to use it for communications with customers and staff.

Our PC Paging System can page every pager we make as well as send SMS text and emails to emergency teams if necessary.
 SMS Text Messaging

When you need to talk with emergency staff or get messages out the T7470 Freedom transmitter can send out a page to a pager or an SMS text to mobile phone.
butlerxpThe Butler XP

Waterproof transmitter for inside or outdoors. Staff are just a button press away from assistance or service.
   Two Way Radios

We supply radios for most applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others. Also digital systems.
butler ii    Butler II

A small unit with up to five messages. 1 or 5 button units. Can be used in multiple situations for staff or customer emergencies.


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A standard 3 year warranty with options to extend for up to ten years.
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