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Please note this product is now discontinued.


The Problem to Solve

The Check Point Customer Survey Solution runs on Android and is extremely simple to configure and use to find out exactly what your customers think about your company.

Often many guests , even ones with constructive criticism, will not use comment card solutions because they say they 'don't trust' the server to hand in negative responses. Another shortcoming of the comment card solution is that sometimes staff become negatively focused for the balance of the shift.

But the biggest shortfall of the comment card system is that management find out about bad customer experiences after the guest has left the building or only after the guest has left a negative response or review online.


The Check-Point Survey Solution

The LRS tool is a customisable tablet-based survey tool. Each section in the restaurant or business has a Check Point tablet that is presented to the customer with their bill.

If any customer records a negative response to the survey, management receives an instant text alert so they can address the customers concerns immediately. The Check Point Survey Tools will undoubtedly help to reduce guests leaving with an unsatisfactory experience of your restaurant.

The reporting feature of Check Point allows QC managers or area managers to analyze data to determine if there are systematic issues within the restaurant. The data can also be used for training of particular staff or even to make changes to the restaurant operation site wide.


The Results

There's about an 80% increase in responses compared to regular comment cards. Customers like to participate in filling out the survey on a tablet knowing that the information they provide is completely confidential and used for management purposes only.

With improved staff performance, staff moral is boosted and the quality of service is usually increased benefiting the restaurant or business overall.

There are other major benefits to the Check Point Survey Tablet solution so why not contact us for a free trial HERE



  • High customer participation - around an 80% increase against regular comment cards.
  • Improved staff morale and performance  - healthy server competition.
  • Improved reputation and customer satisfaction - managers can easily address complaints immediately, before the customer leaves.


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Easy to Use

Enhanced Productivity

Analytics and Reporting

Provide guests an engaging tablet based survey to measure customer satisfaction or gather feedback on new product ideas

Send alerts when negative feedback is received giving managers the option to respond before customers leave

Measure customer satisfaction over time and across locations to identify trends and improve service quality


Check Point Guest Surveys Provide Real Time Actionable Insights in to Customer Feedback


The power of Instant Customer Feedback
to Your Business





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