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Communication Solutions for Bowling Centres Improves Profitability

Customers in bowling center's often wait for their lanes. And while that is happening they usually don't move too far away from where they perceive as a waiting area. The problem is, that this waiting time is usually exactly when customers don't buy.

Management of customers is primary in bowling center's but how can it be achieved. Surprisingly there are a number of solutions available that allow the customer to visit the cafe, arcade or even play pool while they wait. This increases the overall experience of the customer as well as increase profitability within the bowling centre. Higher turnover with increased bottom line will be the result of a well managed customer.


Imagine communications that instantly solve all of the issues where customers wait. Freedom to roam the premises while they wait is the key but management flow is impossible without the necessary tools.

LRS makes a number of solutions for this industry that will make the above scenarios a thing of the past. And we have solutions for staff communications too.

Examine the LRS solutions below:



Push for Service Buttons

PC Paging Solutions

Customer Management

A simple solution to a typical problem area in bowling centres. Push for Service (PFS)  buttons give the customer an instant method of communicating with staff. Great for dead wood alert, food and drink or even staff to staff communications.
Already have a computer infrastructure? then it makes sense to use it for communications with customers and staff.
 Used for any time customers are waiting customer pagers make queues invisible, control flow and increase customer service. Can be used in areas such as food and drink, bowling lanes, laser tag, bumper boats and other areas. Its possible to page from a stand alone transmitter, a PC or even send SMS texts.
butlerxpThe Butler XP

Waterproof transmitter. Staff are just a button press away from assistance or service.
NU PC Paging Solution
Use your PCs infrastructure to communicate silently and simply to staff. Custom messaging to staff or group. Simple to page customers too either to LRS equipment or their mobile phone via SMS. Voice option available.
ccallSolutions Available:

* Coaster Call
* Paddle Pagers
* Guest Sessions
* Mobile Phone SMS
* Netpage Unlimited PC Paging
  radios Two Way Radios

Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among other brands are commonly supplied by us in the UK.


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