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Four Line Text Pager Expand Staff Communication

This battery powered alphanumeric four line pager for staff and management is designed to allow communications in text rather than simple buzzer or flashing light solutions. Text changes everything when it comes down to complete understanding of what your message is and there is little room for mis-interpretation of your instructions.

This unit has a very simple and easy to use menu system which frankly could almost be used by a child. Simplicity enables ease of use and often with other products like these they could simply end up in the cupboard because staff cannot grasp the usage of the unit.

The LRS alpha 4 line is different and offers even other features not typically found on some other equipment such as auto on or off which saves battery life. Batteries can last up to three months when you use the recommended brand.


This unit has been tried and tested in industry for years. And with 25 of the last messages stored on board with the date and time stamp this unit has seen massive uptake in many businesses including Health and Safety here in the UK.

On site reprogramming and massive messages of up to 200 characters are stand out features.



  • Perfect communications to staff and management in your company.
  • Robust design with cradle included in the price.
  • Suitable for regular staff and management alike.
  • This pager is easy to use, so staff will want to use them... ensuring efficiencies soar.
  • Date and Time stamp so that you can track messages back to the time and date sent to the staff member.


  • The Alpha-text 4 Line Pager has vibe or beep selectable by the user
  • Easily reprogrammed on site by the user
  • Battery life extends for up to three months
  • Auto on and off built right in to the unit
  • Cradle included
  • Supports up to 5 groups
  • Active indicator on screen to confirm the pager is working correctly
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Operates at 459.100Mhz UK legal

User guide available here: Alphanumeric-Pager-Guide


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We recommend using HIGH QUALITY batteries for all products that use non rechargeable batteries and where non rechargeable batteries are used we do NOT recommend rechargeable batteries. Alkaline batteries are the minimum requirement standard for all non rechargeable batteries. Low quality batteries give poor results with reception or transmission of signals and often leak when they run low so alkaline or Duracell are a requirement to avoid non-warranty problems.

If batteries leak in to equipment and damage the equipment then that equipment damage is NOT covered under warranty. In that situation please refer to the battery manufacturer for a claim for the cost of repair of the product.

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