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Four 4 Line Alpha Text Pager Wrist Strap

Alpha Pager Strap | Allows staff to wear the alpha pager as if it was a watch

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Convenient Pager Accessory for E467

This 'watch strap' style wrist band accessory allows you to 'wear' the 4 line alpha pager as if it was a watch. For staff who are on their feet all the time and where responding to pages really is critical to the operation of the business model this is exactly what you need for a smooth operation.

The accessory was custom developed by LRS for this specific use and is only available from LRS UK here in the United Kingdom. Ask your sales rep for more information on this innovative product.


  • The rubber wristband is for users of our battery-operated alphanumeric pager that need an easy way to view their messages.
  • Perfect for those that either can't or don't wish to wear the pager in it's clip-on cradle, the wristband makes it much easier to view messages over having to remove the pager from a cradle attached at the hip.
  • Users that receive a high-volume of pages would greatly benefit from the wristband as messages can be viewed with a quick turn of the wrist. Our alphanumeric pager is easy to slip into the sleeve and is made of rubber so it's easy to clean and durable.


  • Easy to insert yet holds pager securely
  • Made of easy-to-clean, durable rubber
  • Adjustable to fit virtually any size wrist
  • Only available for the LRS four-line, battery-operated, alphanumeric pager
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